Thursday, September 22, 2011

what do I wear?? {Inland Empire Photographer}

"What should we wear?"

That is a question that I get asked on a regular basis. And to be honest I love to suggest ideas. It's a usual conversation with my clients so I thought I would share some of my favorite tips.

These are not meant to be "a rule" by any means. Just tips and advice I have seen and picked up along the way. ;)

~ Keep it simple!~
Avoid too many logos or patterns. Keep the focus on the person, not the clothes.

~Keep your location in mind.~
If you are taking pictures in the snow you may not want to wear shorts and sandals. Or if you are having your session in an ally , you may not want to wear Hawaiian print.

~Mix it up!~
Long gone are the days of jeans and a white shirt (although that's fine also). Don't be afraid of color. Pick corresponding colors for the family and have fun with it. Don't be afraid to mix some patterns and colors.

~Reflect the real you~
I totally understand that we all want to look fabulous for our photos, but let's also be realistic. We want the images to reflect who "you" really are. So if you don't dress up like you are going to Prom everyday then maybe not every image should have those outfits in them. Bring changes of clothes if needed. 

A perfect example of this is ME. I have my own family session coming up very soon and although I have these killer heels I want to rock, reality is I may just fall and break my neck since I don't wear heels on a regular basis. So the heels will make an appearance and then be gone. ;) 

~Keep the end result in mind.~
This kind of goes along with reflecting the "real" you. Keep in mind what you want to use your images for. If they are going to be hung in your home then you may also want to consider that when picking your outfits. You might not want to wear lime green in all your pictures if your home is very neutral (I'm just sayin').  You want them to fit right in!

So I hope that these little tips (at least 1) helped if even a bit.

Don't fear the clothes...have fun with them!!!

Just a few examples of how to mix things up! ;)

Loved these next two images from my friends Holiday pictures from last year.
The adorable Lowe family!
And the irresistible Graham family!
(picture courtesy of the amazing Kamee June)


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