Wednesday, April 27, 2011

meet Derek

...and all his cuteness!!

This little guy is full of personality and spunk. He kept me on my toes, that's for sure. I knew we would get along great once I found out we shared a birthday...and I was right.

Thanks for the fun little man!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

the magic of it all

I love the magic of the Holidays. You know, it's that feeling that you get that makes you all giddy inside. The excitement of what's about to happen and how happy it's going to make you. Well as an adult now with my own kids I think I love it even more. I love seeing "the magic" through children's eyes! 

I actually didn't pick up the camera too much this Easter, but I did manage to get a few.

Did you know that there are such thing as "magic" jelly beans?
 And did you know that if you plant them...

something yummy will grow? It's true!
It was raining Easter morning, but I did manage to get a few images of my two munchkins together.  This is no easy task that's for sure!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter and lots of magic!!

A big thanks to my friend Letti for the fun idea. ;)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

sweet little man

He's baby Anderson.

You might remember his mommy and sweet family from his maternity session a few months ago. Well he made his debut into the world earlier this month and has been soaking up the love ever since.

Welcome little nice to have you!!!!

The happy big brother and sister!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

more sweetness...

coming up next!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

lets party...sweet 16 style

Times are sure changing, that's all I have to say.

I remember when I turned 16 I got to have a few friends over for some pizza and cake. Nothing like the cool parties that go on these days! Yes, I'm jealous and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)

So when my friend (and ex-manager from my lasik days) called me to do a photo booth at her daughter's sweet 16 party I was both excited and sad. Excited because this party sounded amazing and I totally wanted to go and sad because I suddenly felt way old. I remember when little Danielle would run around my desk in the office and play and now here she was turning 16. That just couldn't be possible!!

The party was filled with her closest friends and family. There was food, dancing and lots of laughs. And don't forget the amazing view of the city that the Castaway restaurant provides. Such a fun night and I was so glad to be a part of it.

Thanks again for the fun and Happy Birthday again Danielle!!!



The birthday girl looked pretty in pink for sure!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

baby Allison

Meet baby Allison and all her cuteness!

She is the newest member of one of my favorite families. Good thing I love them so much because this little girl worked me. ;)

Thanks for letting me come play sweet Allison and soak up some of your sweet "newbie" smell. Ahhh!!!!  I look forward to seeing you grow and capturing those special memories for your family.


Oh those little lips!!!

Those wrinkly new feet!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

what to wear....April (Spring ) addition

One of the most common questions asked before a photo session is "what should I (we ) wear?" I always say to wear something you are going to feel good in and is "you." Don't wear something for your photo session that you would never wear again. These are your lasting memories that should reflect you and your family as you are everyday...for the most part. ;)

Don't be afraid to mix things up a bit. You don't all have to match every aspect of your wardrobe. Pick a color scheme and have fun!

Spring is the perfect time here in Southern California to update the family photos. The weather is great and the outdoors are beautiful. I still have room for Spring me to book yours!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

meet Miss Addison...

and ALL her cuteness!!

This girl has it all at just a few weeks old. Beauty, kindness, love and two parents who just adore her. She is a pretty lucky little lady and I was lucky enough to get to soak up some time with her a few days ago. I have to admit that she completely stole my heart!

Addison, thanks for letting me come hang out for a bit. You are an absolute doll!!

The bond of a mother and daughter...nothing like it!

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