Wednesday, September 28, 2011

my day as a winner - part 1 {mine/babies}

I rarely enter contests because I NEVER win. I just don''s that simple!

So when I saw the amazing contest that Julie Rollins was having I was torn. I know, silly of me, but remember I never win so I really didn't think much of it. I think I finally decided to enter on one of the last days. So imagine my surprise when I was checking who won and saw that it was ME. I didn't just win, I won the grand prize. I think I reread it about 4 times before it sank in. I was really going to get to spend the day with the "baby whisperer."

So last week I had the amazing opportunity to spend the entire day with Julie. I was over the top excited. You see she is just as nice and genuine as she is talented. We met last year at a photography workshop and have kept it touch ever since. Thank goodness for technology and the ability it has to keep us connected!! Seriously!!

Meet sweet little Annalisse Mae, just 8 days new. She was such a doll for us and I think she actually loved her time in the spotlight.

Thank you so much Julie for having me in and showing me a glimpse into your amazing and talented world.

More from my day coming up soon... 


Monty and Kristin said...

These are seriously amazing!! Congrats on winning! In my eyes you should win every time! You are so good at what you do!!

Phipps Family said...

Congratulations on winning! You so deserve it :) Yet another amazing shoot by Michelle Peterson!

Erin Espinoza said...

Love, love, love .. especially the last one! Too cute =)

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