Monday, July 11, 2011

a splash of color {Redlands Family Photographer}

This family is no stranger to my blog. They make an appearance at least once a year. Every time is an adventure and a fun one at that.

 I love this family, like really love them! You see, I don't let too many people into my close inner circle so when I do you better know I love you! ;) They just moved and we miss them already. Although they are not a great distance away it's still not the same. With busy schedules at both ends I know we won't get to see our friends as much as I would like. Don't get me wrong, we are super happy for them, just sad for us. ;)

So "L" family we miss you already and know that we love you!!

Enjoy your sneak peek...


Channeling his inner "Blue Steel" (you know you love this one Greg)

These next two crack me up....little Miss was D.O.N.E. with this whole photo thing!
This next one is one of my favs of the day!


Phipps Family said...

I LOVE Cambria's picture! And of course that last one is so precious- I just want to give her a great big hug ;) Beautiful once again.

Greg and Shellie Lomenick said...

OH MY!!! Lacie is too much as you can see. I love that you included Greg's blue steel picture. Thanks Michelle, you're amazing! We love you too!!!!!

Letti said...

I love that last one too. Its fun to see people we grew up with, with their own families. Its crazy how fast they grow.

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