Monday, March 2, 2009

my family photo shoot

I must say that based on the picture in the last post, it really wasn't that bad. And besides that was my own little man crying...I really don't make kids cry...well I hope not anyways.

I thought it would be easier to take the kids out when I had some help from dad, but man was I wrong. They wanted nothing to do with me. They were either running away, crying or just refused to look up.

So sometimes you just get what you get and hope for the best...this was one of those times. I better enjoy these because I have a feeling it may be a while before I try this again.




Jennifer Flake said...

I love that Christian has his's totally him...when you look at those pictures years from now, you'll be so glad the bib was in the shot because it documents what he loves right now!

You did always! :)

Our Little World said...

I love them all! Especially the railroad track one! Absolutely adorable Michelle!

Lisa said...

They are so beautiful! You are so good:)

Sallie said...

I think these are great. I love the one on the tracks and that bib is hardly noticeable. You'll be the only one noticing that years from now and then it will melt your heart. I love your pictures and one day when I visit I will definitely ask Letti to give you a call for us.

Olson Family said...

What a sweet big brother walking with his sister...I love that photo!!! Great job!

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