Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Andy & Nikki

When I say it was an honor to capture this special couples day, it takes on a new meaning for me. You see, the groom is the youngest brother of my dear hubby. This was a special day for the entire family and we are so happy to welcome Nikki into the tribe(officially)!

Everything about the day was beautiful. The bride was gorgeous, the groom was beaming, the weather was awesome, the wedding party was adorable and did you see those dresses...fantastic!!

It was a day filled with lots of love, friendship and family! Here is just a tiny peek at the couples special day.

Enjoy the honeymoon guys and we will see you when you get back...lots of love!!


some fun
it's hard to see, but there is a golf ball in his mouth that was the targetPhotobucket

some details

I just want to say a special thank you to Dustin for being my right hand man and to Sheila at the PGA for ALL your rocked!!


Michelle said...

Bravo! I'm glad your computer finally cooperated. Beautiful shots, loved the fun ones.

Jared and Caitlin said...

That was fast!! GREAT PICS!

Sallie said...

Those are fantastic.

Sheila said...

They turned out absolutely gorgeous! Nice work Michelle!

Letti said...

Great pictures Michelle. I love the golf ball one that is a classic.

tJ-n-theodora-salanoa said...

Wonderful.... Wonderful.... Wonderful.... pictures.

Veronica Peterson said... the pics. There awesome! great job sis..

Andy and Nikki said...

Michelle we really don't know what to say! Those are really amazing. Beautiful! Perfect! Thank You so much. I started to cry when i saw the one of nikki in front of the door. she looked so beautiful. thank you for capturing that for me!

The Rich's said...

THOSE PICTURES ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! Is this your first wedding? such a great job you guys, i LOVED the one where the wedding line is all jumping in the air, loved the ring one, loved the one of her dress that is sepia toned...ok so i loved every single one of them....great great.....

Monty and Kristin said...

wow!!I'm totally impressed!! Those are simply amazing!! rock!!

Jennifer and Family said...

Great job hun!!! As usual!

Ryan and Lizeth said...

Amazing job Michelle. Too cute for words!!

Greg and Shellie Lomenick said...

The pictures turned out as gorgeous as her dress.

Jennifer Flake said...

LOVE the pics....let me guess...they like golf?

Sabrina and David said...

Michelle, I'm so impressed...I've worked with alot of professional wedding photographers...even some who claim to be "the best" or "famous" and I tell ya, I am dang impressed...good work and you have an amazing artistic eye!

Michelle Johnson said...

Hey Michelle, You did a great job, You are on your way to great adventures in this bus. Keep up the great work.

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