Friday, September 21, 2012

The C Family

I have this friend that I kind of adore! The kind of friend that you can cry or laugh with. Lean on or get a kick in the butt from. Loves you with or without your make-up on. Will give you advice or help you clean up your mess. ;) The kind of friend that knows you inside and out and loves you all the same for it.
I recently had a chance to go visit her and her adorable family for a few days. The miles between us are long right now, but I know this in not a forever thing. My heart won't allow that! ;)
I was so honored and excited when Jen asked if I would do their family photos while I was there. I was all over that!! And then when she said that she wanted to try out a local tractor graveyard I got even more excited!
All I can say is that one man's trash really is another man's treasure! Beat up tractors have never looked so good!!!
Thanks for such a fun visit you guys!!!
Until next time...






Lisa said...

Hey! These are so awesome:) Jen had better be giving one to us for Christmas:)

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