Sunday, February 12, 2012

For the Love of Photography Workshop {relaunch}

A couple of weeks ago I announced that I was teaming up with Erin of Captured by Erin Photography for our very first workshop. We are so excited! This workshop is going to be filled with so much good stuff. It was actually a workshop very similar to this one that took both of us to a whole new level in our photography and an understanding of it.

 We had a great response to the launch, but we know there are still some questions out there. Mainly...who exactly is this workshop for and what are we going to learn??

This workshop is for anyone!!! The mom, the dad, the hobbyist, the growing photographer, the dreamer, the student, the parent, the friend. It is for anyone who loves to take pictures and wants to get more out of them.

This is a beginner workshop. We are going to learn how to use your DSLR camera better and what all those buttons and gadgets do. ISO, aperture and shutter speed...lets stop shooting in auto. We will learn lighting, exposure, composition and SO much more. We will also have a live shoot where you will get to use your new skills and knowledge. For those wanting more, stay for our full class and see what we do with our images after the shoot. Get some basic photoshop tips and tricks and ask us anything you want. You ask...we tell!!

We are very excited for this workshop and hope that you can join us. It is going to be filled with so much information and of course lots of fun. Our goal and hope is that you will leave feeling confident and inspired. There is nothing quite like being with a group of people that share the same passion and fuel each others fire!!

March workshop


Jennifer said...

......I could use a boost in the photography area of my life! I am just not good at making time for it like I used to be.......but I am doing a lot of learning in other that's a good thing. ANYHOW...good luck with the work shop! Wish I could go! (that's my b-day!)

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