Monday, January 9, 2012

I know how you feel {my family session}

A few months ago my own family had our photos taken. I was so excited! It had been a little over a year and a half since our last family photos, I know...gasp, but my kids were just at ages where they wouldn't even look at the camera. Maybe cause they were sick of mine. ;) 

So the planning began. Much talking, texting and messaging between me and my incredibly talented friend and fellow photographer Mandy Lowe. She lives in Texas and was going to be out for a visit so I begged her to fit us glad she did. So location is set and photographer is set. Now to find outfits, well all my original thoughts went out the window and I was getting the final touches a day before the session. Yea, not what I planned on!

 The day of our session my son hates his shirt because it's a button up and doesn't have a cartoon character on in. My daughter who NEVER gets sick is sick. As in...I don't want to get out of bed, move, get dressed, I'm not walking or brush anything sick. ;( Poor thing!! 

We get ready and head out. All I need is just one family photo I tell Mandy and my grumpy kids. I thought we were doomed when Chloe wouldn't let daddy put her down, but that quickly changed. She began to perk up and my sweet girl shined through. She may not have worn her shoes, custom made hair band or accessories, but she was happy and herself. Can't ask for anymore than that.

So when I say that "I know how you feel"...believe me, I do!! And although it didn't go the way I planned in my head, it was beyond perfect. Our family was captured as we really are and those moments are captured forever to enjoy. I will forever have my kids frozen at this very special time in their lives.

I know what it feels like to anticipate my photo session, wait for the preview, anticipate the package in the mail and cry viewing the images with my family.

To Mandy I say "thank you!!" You have given me a priceless gift that I am forever grateful for and I love you.

To all of you who have let me do that for you...I am honored.

Here is just a peek at some of my favorites... 

I am so in love with this next one.

This next one captures her perfectly. She LOVES flowers and make-up.


M. Lowe said...

One of THE best times, and the absolute most fulfilling and rewarding sessions I have done to date... so thank YOU!! Love you!

kmcbeth said...

Beautiful family, and such cute photographs. Your friend did a beautiful job. Glad everything worked out in the end. Sometimes it is the starting up part that becomes the hardest of all. Love the photo in the street, and it makes me laugh that you are on your tip toes ;)

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