Tuesday, August 16, 2011

they grow too fast {Oak Hills Photographer}

I have to admit that lately I have had a bit of the "baby bug." Not like the I'm really gonna have a baby kind, but more like the missing of my own being so little kind of bug.

I blame this on my little man starting 1st grade last week and a 3 yr old little princess who wants to do everything herself.

Oh, and all the cute little ones I get to spend time with on Sundays and at work. :) 

Take this little doll for example. I have had the privilege of photographing her a few times now as you can see here and here. I feel so much a part of her (and her families) life because of it. I get to watch her grow and document it forever. What a joy!!!

These are the moments for sure that make me LOVE my job!!!

Miss Samantha thanks for spending some time with me and for such fun. You are growing too fast, but how fun it is to watch you!!


And a BIG thank you to your family for all the help. ;)   I always enjoy our time together!!!


M. Lowe said...

Lovely work Michelle! Too adorable for words!

M. Lowe said...

Lovely work Michelle! Too cute for words! <3

Monica Caldera said...

Eeee! L-O-V-E!

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