Thursday, August 25, 2011

I was a spotlighted {Inland Empire Photographer}

While I was out of town with my family over 4th of July I got a text from a good friend congratulating me on my feature. Yea, I had NO idea what she was talking about!! I quickly called for my hubby so we could use his spiffy phone to pull up the article.

You see, I had done the interview for this feature a while back and didn't even know if it would ever be used. Thank goodness one friend saw it and spread the word to my informative friend.

The article was used on our Church site and is a fun and easy little read. You may even see some familiar photos.

You can read the full article HERE. I do have to admit though that a quote was used that was NOT mine. This is under the " How has photography influenced your spiritual understanding?" Sorry guys, I'm not that good! haha!!! 

Enjoy...and always thanks for all the support and love you all give me. It's much appreciated!! 

Michelle Peterson, Southern California

How long have you been a photographer?

I am just starting into my third year.

What got you interested in photography?

Well, I started just wanting to get good pictures of my own children, and it just grew from there.

What is your photography specialty?

Children and families—it just kind of happened that way.

How did you get interested in submitting your photos to the Church?

My mother and sister-in-law found an article in a Church publication and told me to go for it.

How do you feel you can use photography to build up the kingdom or share the gospel?

In my profession I get to shoot photos of a lot of people who aren't members of the Church, and I try to be an example for them.

What about photography inspires you?

I love seeing families and children interacting. I love when a photographer captures a smile or a moment that can later bring tears to your eyes and make the moment last forever.

What part of photography is the most rewarding?

Seeing people's reactions when they view their galleries or when I deliver their photos.

How has photography influenced your spiritual understanding?

Years ago, I had the opportunity to have dinner with a freelance photographer for National Geographic. One tip he shared was perspective, and to look to the light. Looking for the light has been my inspiration. The way light rests upon any subject can turn an average photo into a masterpiece. Without light, there would be nothing to photograph. As light rests upon the subject, the subject radiates to its full potential. We also radiate as individuals when we allow the giver of all light, our Savior, to rest upon us. We then rise to our full potential and become a masterpiece in His hands.

If you could take photos of anything, what would it be?

My family and loved ones. I want to document life's moments for those I love the most in this world.

Where is your “dream location” to shoot?

Paris, France. I love the character and the charm of the “city of lights.” And my hubby served his mission in France, so that helps too.

Where is your favorite location to shoot?

Family walking

Outdoors with that yummy natural lighting.

How would you describe your photography?

Fun, colorful, candid, and natural.

What tip or trick have you learned along the way that made the biggest difference in the quality of your photos?

Don't push for a perfect shot. Capture life as it is. Just let your clients be themselves, and the moments will happen.

What advice would you give to new photographers?

Take the time to really learn “your” style, and don't be afraid to just be yourself. You will always have critics, but just block out all the negativity. If you like your photos and your clients like them, then that is all that matters.

How much do you edit your photos?

As little as possible. Every picture is different, but you don't want to lose the realness of the image.


Jennifer said...

Did you have dinner with a national geographic photographer? I liked your non quote! :)

How fun that you were featured!

Gennie said...

I remember reading that on the church site ; )

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