Monday, April 25, 2011

the magic of it all

I love the magic of the Holidays. You know, it's that feeling that you get that makes you all giddy inside. The excitement of what's about to happen and how happy it's going to make you. Well as an adult now with my own kids I think I love it even more. I love seeing "the magic" through children's eyes! 

I actually didn't pick up the camera too much this Easter, but I did manage to get a few.

Did you know that there are such thing as "magic" jelly beans?
 And did you know that if you plant them...

something yummy will grow? It's true!
It was raining Easter morning, but I did manage to get a few images of my two munchkins together.  This is no easy task that's for sure!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter and lots of magic!!

A big thanks to my friend Letti for the fun idea. ;)


Letti said...

Yay your jelly beans really were magic. Your kids are adorable in their outfits.

Phipps Family said...

The look on Christians face is priceless in that last picture ;)

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