Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what to wear

I get asked all the time "what should we wear" and really there is no right answer for that. Bottom line is wear something that you feel comfortable in and is really a reflection of who your family is. Don't look back at the images and not recognized the people in the suits and dresses. :)

Be you. Be happy. Have fun.

No one says you have to all be matching with everything. Pick like colors and have fun! Show your own personality!

Pick a favorite color palette and play with it.
Want more of a Fall look?Maybe more of a traditional Holiday feel.


Letti said...

Great post. I also heard from a photographer that you should always pick your out fit our first and then build around that. I would say that the advice is great because I am always having the hardest time with my outfit. I love everything you have chosen here.

Michelle said...

Thanks Letti! I agrre the mom's is the most important. She is the one who booked the session, worried about it and will order the images. So she needs to feel awesome about herself. :) Pretty much moms rock it all!!! :)

Jennifer said...

:) I love these outfits. Brandon would rather die than wear a sweater...but I like the look. You should be my personal shopper!

One of the most stressful parts of having your family picture taken is getting everyone ready. (for me at least). When I decided that I was going to capture my kids how they ARE...that threw the stress out the window because then I didn't have to worry about the frills. I and loved how the pictures turned.

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