Friday, July 16, 2010

It all comes together

I pulled up and saw the outfits that my clients had picked for their photos (and was excited), then I met them and was charmed by the two smallest ones from the start...I knew this was gonna be a good time. What I didn't know was just how great it would be!

These kiddos were either prepped really well or just dolls by nature. I tend to think the doll option myself! :) They did anything I asked and without and grief...a dream come true really. What a sweet family!

This makes it all the more of a great session because mom was a bit nervous for the shoot. You see, it's been quite a while since they have had family pictures taken. And to me it was pretty close to perfect! See Cindy, no all comes together!! :)

Thanks for such a great session! And I better hear that you have some new family pictures actually hanging in your home (no more empty frames). ;)

Enjoy your sneak peek...

Something about this one...and this one...I just LOVE them!


Jennifer said...

cute kids!

...I am glad you are busy with the photo are doing great and even though I miss hearing from you on your other blog...I know I can always find you here. I love looking at your pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love my pictures. My kids look so big it almost made my cry. Can't wait to see the rest.

Kathy said...

Beautiful pictures, I love the colors! Adorable kiddos!

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