Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my session...well kinda

Last month my bff Jen came out for a quick visit. And I do mean a quick visit! While she was here I just had one request from her "please get a family picture for me!!!"

I have tons of pictures of my kiddos, as you can imagine, but as for a family shot...not so much luck. It's been over a year since we attempted one with the good old tri-pod! It took a lot of insisting on my part to get her behind the lens, but the idea that I only needed one decent image and that fact that I agreed to do all the editing finally won her over.

Thanks for going with the flow my rocked it! Can't wait for our next visit!! Love ya!! xoxo

More like us on an everyday basis :)My favorite guys!!
I swear she really does love me...really she does!!The princess!Thanks Jen for the rocked it girl!


Letti said...

The pictures are too cute. She did a great job!

Jennifer said...

LOVE them!

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