Monday, April 13, 2009

Miss Samantha

Meet Miss Samantha and ALL her personality.

This shoot was so fun and special for me for many different reasons. First, it was just a ton of fun, all of it. She was up for questions asked. Second, I don't get a chance to shoot many people in this age group so it was nice for a change. And third, I just love this girl to pieces...her and her family are very special to my family.

So, Samantha thanks for being a great sport and trusting me. I'm so happy to have been able to capture just a small portion of your inner and outer beauty. If my little Chloe can grow up to be a fraction of the wonderful young woman that you (and your sisters) are then I will be a very happy mom.

Love you and thanks again!!



Kaylene said...

I'm just so jealous! If only I could look that good. I mean, she is just gorgeous.

Jennifer Flake said...

She looks like a clothing model!

Michelle Johnson said...

Michelle, I like the composition very much on photo number 2! Happy Weekend

Jennifer and Family said...

awesome job mama!!! i love seeing you blossom with every shoot you do!!!

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