Friday, February 27, 2009

time to visit Brooklyn

While visiting family in Utah this past weekend I had the chance to sneak in a very quick session with this little Brooklyn.

Being a model is no easy task, just ask Miss B. She braved the elements,which were very cold at the time,for this shoot. Mom was worried that we didn't get any "say cheese" shots, but to me those are usually the best ones. :)

Thanks for the fun guys and it was so nice to finally meet you little cutie pie!

Alicia...hope you ya!



Lizeth said...

Sooo cute !! Those pics are great. She is such a cute little girl. I love the one of her sicking her tongue out.
It was fun spending time with them.

The Rich's said... are truely amazing, i thought that there was no WAY any of those turned out at all...i love them because those are teh faces she makes all day! i guess it is just the mom in me that wants the perfect 'look at the camera and big smile!" picture..those are can i get them from you? can i please pay you??

Jared and Caitlin said...

How do I order one?!?!?! I want the one with her tongue sticking out. Let me know!

tJ-n-theodora-salanoa said...

Of all the pictures I've seen, I must say that I love these the most. They are just random, fun pictures. Love your style Michelle... Keep up the good work.


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