Saturday, February 14, 2009

my "sweet" winner(s)

It's been a LONG day, but I have finally made it to the computer. :)

And here is the "sweet" winner(s) of my first contest of 2009...

Veronica & Michelle

That's right folks, there are two of them! I mean what else could I do when I ask my 16 month old to help me and she pulls two names out of the bowl?! So it's double the sweetness this time.

So Veronica and Michelle let me know your sweets of choice. And to the rest of you, thank you so much for entering and most of all for supporting me and the fun I'm having.

Happy Valentines Day!!


Michelle said...

I knew she loved me...I knew she loved me. Veronica must have stuck some bubble gum to her paper and it stuck to mine!

Jennifer Flake said...

CONGRATS to the winners!!!

Veronica Peterson said...

I never win anything. I don't have any luck with this kind of stuff. Way to go Chloe for winning A SWEET treat for your auntie Veronica

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