Tuesday, October 28, 2008

workshop weekend

This past weekend I had the chance to attend the Picture life workshop in Mesa. What a great time that was! It was great to be around others who share the same passion and love for photography. I learned some new tricks of the trade and met some incredible women. I feel refreshed and energized so watch out world...here I come!!

Here are a few of the models that we got the chance to shoot. I mean really...could they have been anymore perfect?!



Letti said...

I recognize the first two models. You took some great pictures. Next time you go to see Holly I would love to take a road trip with you. Great job.

Jennifer Flake said...

Letti knows Holly!? How crazy is THAT!?

Live your vingette edges & catch lights...I need to practice with those catch lights! SO much to remember!

ANYHOW! You did great and your watermarks just make your pics look "that much more" professional!

lynda said...


Jennifer and Family said...

great job michelle!!!! they look great!!

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