Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The B family

California lost another amazing family to Texas.
Those who know them knew it was only a matter of time. This family unit is so close knit and mom just ached to be with her siblings that had already transplanted. They are going to be missed very much. They were such a huge part of the community and special to so many people, including me.
 I adore this family!
Mom and I have been friends for a long time and she has been apart of many memories and special times in my life. Our paths crossed many times, we were just meant to be friends! I can honestly say that she is a big reason that I have the life that I am loving right now. Such a sweet family and they are going to be missed!!
So glad I was able to get this family in front of my camera before they left. Dad was already in Texas waiting for them so we will get him next time! 
Sending you lots of love and hugs Byrd family.


A few of the many faces of Miss Paisley.



Phipps Family said...

This is one of my favorites! Beautiful family!

Letti said...

I can't choose a favorite they are all so good. Thank you so much for all your kind words. It's funny because I use our story quite often when I'm talking about doing the right thing all the time because you really never know whose watching. So you really need to be kind to everyone. Even those in the grocery store ;). I will cherish those memories forever. Love ya!

Letti said...
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