Monday, February 7, 2011

just me

This morning as I was scanning over the few blogs that I follow I was stopped dead in my tracks. "She wants us to do what?" what I thought as I read today's entry from Kamee June. But then I realized that her words were right on and had touched my heart as I wiped the tear from my eye.

So I gave it a try. As I scanned through the images that I took I couldn't help but to laugh. This was harder than I thought and also funner than I thought. I learned a few things, first, I need some major laser resurfacing around my eyes. Second, I much rather prefer being on the other side of the camera. And third, I am very hard on myself and need to work on that.

Happy Monday friends!!!

Me as most of you get to see me! :)


Michelle said...

You are beautiful Michelle! Love the second one for sure!

Lisa said...

Love it pretty lady:)

Letti said...

You are so pretty. I love these pictures!

Michelle said...

You ladies are so good to me...thank you! xoxo

kamee said...

michelle! so sorry it took me so long to get here and comment on these! i love them, so much!! so glad you took the challenge!!! you are so beautiful and such a wonderful person!!

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