Wednesday, June 23, 2010

as promised

much cuteness in this post!

I had SO much fun with this mother-son team the other night that sometimes I forgot I was supposed to be working. I mean look at that little face...I just wanted to squeeze it all night. I told little Mr that he was so cute I just wanted to eat him up and to that he replied "I'm not food." Well he should be!!

Thanks for finally giving me a call guys I loved our time together. Enjoy your sneak peek and your trip to Canada. :)

This is fast becoming my favorite shot of the session. Can't you just feel the love?


Letti said...

Look at all of those girls. He is such a happy little guy.

Michelle said...

Wow! Michelle! The first photo almost POPS off the page! I love it!! Great shoot!

P.S. Was this before or after Kamee's workshop?

Michelle said...

Michelle, it was after her workshop...I'll message you! :)

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