Thursday, December 10, 2009

One rocking family

Yep, I've said it before, but my clients really are good looking!! I think I may just have to have this family adopt me (OK Laura)so I can be cute by association...that works right? :)

We got rained out one day and wind blow the next, but despite the crazy weather this family still rocked it! Thanks for the fun guys, I had a blast and you rocked!!

Beautiful Bella!It just shouldn't be legal to be this HOT of a couple!


Letti said...

Hey I know this family too. Small world. Great Pics Michelle.

January said...

Wow, I think these are some of my favorite family pics of yours! They are beautiful. I just love the one with the umbrella. What a cute prop and the colors are so bright. I love them all though.

The Gurganious Family said...

LOVE the last one!!

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