Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Miss Emily

Meet Miss Emily...what a little doll she is!

Cute as a button, but not so much in the mood for a photo shoot on this day. I did manage to get a few before she was just plain done with me and off to dreamland. :)

I think she was praying for me to get out!!! HAHA!I love this "old school" look.The love between these siblings just overflowed. They even were in debates about who was going to get to hold her for this shot.


Harshes said...

That first pic is AMAZING. And I love the old school one too. Looks like baby pics from when we were babies, huh? And her little face in the last one is priceless!

Marci said...

You did a great job Michelle! Those pictures are just too cute!!!

And what a great family!

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